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POLX Index

Welcome to Polylastic

The Polylastic (POLX) Index is designed to track token performance within the ever-evolving Digital Finance industry.

icon Blue Chip Index
icon Community Decided Index
icon NFT and Gaming Index
icon And more

Currently developing more index sets to satisfy niches in the market.

Industry Problems

Many investors lack the insight to optimally strategize their portfolio

Investors need a way to simplify the general process of purchasing crypto

A decentralized vehicle to gain exposure to top cryptocurrencies is needed

Investors need a way to analyze risk management within the crypto market

Why Polylastic?

  • With our cutting edge technology, we have done extensive due diligence and market research to ensure we deliver the best indexes for our community
  • Polylastic offers a variety of indexes that are based off of risk models, aiding in assessing various risk appetites
  • Index investing streamlines the process of broadening the exposure to a wider crypto market
  • Polylastic empowers users with our community weighted index, gathered from the knowledge of our experienced supporters
POLX Index
POLX Index

The POLX Token

The token that fuels the Polylastic ecosystem.

The POLX token offers holders exclusive access to the community-decided index and voting rights pertaining to the index and its underlying assets. Through periodic burns and increased network activity, the POLX token becomes more scarce and valuable over time.

Polylastic Staking Program

POLX LP Token Staking - Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens and receive generous rewards in POLX for their contribution to the network.

POLX Token Staking - POLX token holders can stake their POLX tokens and receive POLX rewards in exchange for their participation.

RewardsLP Token Rewards
PulsePulse of DeFi

The Tech Behind it All

Defi Index

Broad Exposure, One Investment

Our indexes track the progress of the entire digital finance space. Polylastic offers quick and easy exposure through one token, simplifying upside to the fastest growing sectors in DeFi.

Polylastic Index

The Polylastic Index

A collection of index baskets, including DeFi, blue chip, NFT, gaming, zk rollup, to name a few. We offer portfolios to those of all experience levels and varying risk appetites.


DAO Governance

The POLX token allows voting rights to network participants. Tokens holders play an important role in the cultivation of the community-decided index and decisions relating to the index protocol.

Dynamic Fee Structure

Market Volatility Resistance

Underlying assets included in the indices are selected by top market analysts with consideration to market capitalization, volume, liquidity, and other key indicators.


Q2 2022

  • Completion of the Polylastic index development phase
  • Deployment of the first index portfolios, including:

    Blue chip
    NFT and Gaming
  • Deployment of the community-decided index
  • DAO voting system implemented

Q3 2022

  • Additional index baskets released
  • Rebalancing of initial index portfolios
  • Additional index features added
  • Listing on top CEX

Q4 2022

  • Notable Partnerships
  • More CEX listings
  • Significant increase in TVL and holders


VJ Ibones
VJ Ibones

Marketing Director and Founder

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KD Likakis


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Brandon Xavier

Business Development

Niko Sairanen
Niko Sairanen



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Kal Ali
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Yanush Ali
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